Promise of the Plow

Jaime's Jazzy Jewels

Jaime with her goat

Jaime's connection with her goats started when she was very young. We brought her home from China when she was 18 months old. Shortly after bringing her home we had to take her to the Shriner's Children Hospital for what China had said was a dislocated hip. When they went to give her the anesthesia to do testing she was terrified so they had to put her in a restraining vest.

I will always remember her lying there quietly sobbing. She was so little; she wasn't even talking in full sentences yet. With tears running down her cheeks, she looked into my eyes and kept pleading, "Goats - Home. Goats - Home." The bond had been made that would keep her connected to our farm--her new forever home and family.

Today Jaime is 10 years old and still loves her goats. She has several Nigerian Dwarf Goats and this summer bought her first herd with her own money. She plans to breed up her herd of commercial Kiko/Savannas for four generations. That way when she starts in high school she will then have a herd of pure-bread goats. She has named her herd Jazzy Jewels.

This past year she has taken an online meat goat class from Penn State University, gotten FAMANCHA certified, and learned how to grade body condition. For more information on Jaime's Jazzy Jewels, see

If you are ever outside on our farm and wonder where Jaime is, all you have to do is listen. You will find her where she always is--singing to her goats.