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Nature's Glory Workshops

Adult Classes

Each class can be booked with a minimum of eight persons. Some classes will be offered as the season permits.

Youth Classes

Classes can be set up to focus on any age requested. Younger age groups can be set up for a shorter time period to adjust to the shorter attention spans.

1hr. Program $20     2hr. Program $40     Travel $0.40/mile

Adult Classes:

butterfly garden

Butterfly Gardens

2hrs. $12/person
- explain butterfly facts and their needs
- show how to set up a butterfly garden with host plants and nectar plants
- discuss types of perennials beneficial to butterflies

Make and Take Herbals

2hrs. $20/person
- make several items such as house and home cleaning products, insect repellants, and herbal teas for your family

Farm Fresh Facials

2hrs. $15/person
- learn to make several bath and body products from fresh produce

Decorative Gourds

3hrs. $30/person
- learn different techniques for decorating a variety of gourds
- make and take a painted gourd

Incredible Edibles

2hrs. $25/person
- this workshop is only offered in the spring
- we will go through many recipes using edible flowers
- refreshments served with a mini-buffet of flower dishes and drinks

Grow Your Own Medicine cabinet

2hrs. $15/person
- learn which herbs can be used medicinally
- demonstrations on how to use medicinal herbs
- discuss different harvesting techniques

monarch migration

Youth Classes:

Monarch Migration

Learn about the amazing Monarch migration that covers three countries.
The presentation includes activities on loss of habitat.

Incredible Insects

Lessons focus on amazing facts of different types of insects.
Activities cover parts of body, different types of mouth parts, and metamorphosis.

fairy workshops

Fairy Garden Workshops (for ages 5 - 8)

2hrs. $12/child
These workshops must be held at our greenhouses. The children come dressed as fairies, make fairy crafts, and have a Fairy Tea Party.